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    Crane wheels

    Karl Georg Crane wheels

    For more than 40 years now, KARL GEORG has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of crane wheels – MADE IN GERMANY. The manufacturing takes place according to the DIN or the works standard in the Ø-range from 100 to 1250 mm from forged steel, cast steel or nodular iron.

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    Wheel sets

    Karl Georg Wheel sets

    KARL GEORG delivers wheel sets for the low maintenance direct drive suitable for slip-on gear mechanisms of different manufacturers. The wheel sets are manufactured from different crane wheel materials according to the DIN standard, the KARL GEORG works standards KG 125 and KG 130, or to customers drawing.

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    Wheel blocks

    Karl Georg Wheel blocks

    The KARL GEORG wheel blocks for the low maintenance direct drive and the slip-on gear mechanisms of different manufacturers in construction sizes 160, 200, 250, 250-V, 315, 400 and 500 perform as a ready-to-install travel unit assume the multi-faceted transport requirements for conveyer related systems in the entire field of machine construction.

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    Karl Georg

    Crane accessories such as crane wheels, wheel blocks and wheel sets

    Our widely diversified serial and special production program comprises, among other things, drive- and idle wheel sets, crane wheels as well as gear rings for crane wheels. We manufacture crane wheels with diameter from 100 to 1250 mm made of forged steel, cast steel or nodular iron according to the DIN/TGL standards. All our products, such as crane wheels, wheel blocks, tyres or wheel sets and other crane components, are subject to strict quality standards. As a matter of course, we also perform the manufacturing of wheel sets, crane wheels (incl. the gear rings) and tyre as well as wheel blocks from cast steel, nodular iron or forged steel exactly according to your drawings and samples. For more than 40 years now we have been supplying worldwide renowned crane manufacturers and operators as well as equipment and machine manufacturers with our high-quality crane components, including, for example, crane wheels, gear rings, wheel blocks as well as driven- and idle wheel sets. We will gladly advise you about our range of services related to crane accessories and crane components, wheel blocks and wheel sets. Please feel free to contact us!


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